Property Management

We are a full service property management company.

We have a team of experienced property managers and our office staff is well trained in serving you and answering all of your personal needs and questions. At Attentive Realty & Property Management, we understand what it means to invest in a home, to get a ROI for you, and how to keep more money in your pocket.

We ensure each of the following steps are successfully accomplished to realize the highest ROI for your property investment.

Getting Your Home to Market

We have built our business to provide the best and highest in quality service to you. We are up to date on all the NRS Statues and rules and we do what it takes to get your home on the market and rented for you.

Managing the Tenant Relationship

We further understand the needs of your tenants and we work closely with your tenants to help ensure they understand your home and what it takes to take care of your investment. Your tenants are expected to take of your home as if it were their own. We educate them; we question them before sending vendors out. We are available 24/7 and most of all we understand the importance of communication.

Securing Quality Property Management at Competitive Rates

We have very competitive Rates, we provide more service for your dollar. We handle everything from A-Z to include easy to read monthly reports, keeping track of all your expenses, providing on time invoicing, and ensuring all work was performed by the best vendors, As we rely on referrals and word of mouth, and so do our Vendors. It is not only their name on the line but ours as well, so we ensure quality work is being performed.

Screening Tenants, Completing & Managing the Required Paperwork

We further ensure smooth paperwork flow to your HOA. We educate the Tenants by providing them with a copy or your CC&R.s
We preform good quality tenant screening.

Handling Evictions

We have a very high success rate with our tenants. When it becomes necessary to evict a tenant, we remain sensitive and show respect to the tenants to ensure a smooth eviction. If the case should go to court, we will be there to represent you to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves in treating all parties with respect. In the event the case is brought to court, we will have all proper documentation to represent you and your right to receive a rent payment on time.

Organized Reporting

We further provide you with end of year reports, 1099s and misc income reports, so that it is easy for your accountant to do his/her job.

We always keep up to date on the latest information flow to ensure you are best informed on the market.