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We provide 24/7 customer service to you our most valuable customer. We treat you with respect and provide quality service to you. We dispatch vendors in a reasonable amount of time. We use only quality vendors so you will be ensured the work is preformed to quality standards. We are in constant communication with you to meet all of your needs. We expect that you in turn treat your beautiful home with the respect it deserves. We expect that rent is paid on time. We expect communication from you to us as well as from us to you. You have changes that affect your life: We understand and are willing to work with you to the best of our ability. We never just say no, we listen to your needs and try to find a working solution that best fits everyone’s needs. We are here for you, to us you are family. Let our family take care of your family. We at Attentive Realty & Property Management welcome you to become a part of our Attentive Family. WELCOME HOME!

Please read the Document in its entirety (Download Rental Requirements & Agreement)

  • Rent payment online: www.Attentiverealty.com Property Management Tenants- follow ease instructions after that. If you choose to make Rent payments online please allow 2-3 business days for transaction to process pending on bank requirements to ensure it is posted before the 5th of every month. Shall payment not process until the 6th late fees will apply.
  • Rent can be paid in form of Cashier’s check, money order, personal check. You may also pay conveniently online via ACH or Credit Card from your online account. Please be advised that our online vendor is a 3rd party vendor and charges slight fee to get your payment processed.   If you choose to pay online your payment has to be in our account no later than the 5th.   If you pay on the 5th you will incur late charges, since vendors and/or banks takes 3-5 days to process your payment.  We DO NOT accept post dated checks and we will NOT HOLD checks for later deposits. We also DO NOT accept Cash.  So that we may apply your payment to your account we ask that you ALWAYS put your property address on the checks or money orders.
  • Rent is due and payable on the first day of every month. A late fee of 10% of the regular rent that includes utility payments and other passed fees and fines, if those are made through Attentive Realty, (please refer back to your lease for that exact amount) will be charged to your account if Rent is not received before 5:00 PM on the 5th day of the month. If the fifth (5) falls on a weekend or a Holiday, the rent is due on the prior business day
  • Failure to pay rent as stipulated above will result in you being served a 5 DAY NOTICE TO PAY OR QUIT.  Step 1 A Notice to pay or quit, $55.00 filing fee, and a $75.00 Administrative Fee from Attentive Realty & Property Management will be applied to your account per eviction attempt.
  • Step 2 if payment along with late fees and filing fees and administrative fees is not paid within the specified time, Eviction procedures will begin, Further fees will be accessed to your Account: Eviction Cost of actual fees assessed Summary Eviction cost currently $195.00 and an Administrative Fee of $175.00 from Attentive Realty & Property Management for servicing fees.   In accordance with your lease all late fees, legal fees, service fees, and repair cost/fees considered rent. All late rents must be paid in certified funds or money order after the 5th day of the month. No exception.
  • DELINQUENT and COLLECTION ACCOUNTS Billing Cycle: the elapsed time between each statement, usually 30 days. Statement Date: the date the billing statement is produced during each billing cycle .Current Billing Period: from the first date of the previous month to the statement end date. Previous Billing Period: the account activity prior to the current billing period. Account Balance: the total amount due. Please refer to Financial Policy Document attached to Lease for further details.
  • Any personal check returned to our office for insufficient funds will be charged a NSF Fee (refer to your lease for the fee amount) and you will relinquish your right to pay in form of personal check.  Repayment must be made within 24 hour of notice of default. All other fees resulting this will be applied as well.
  • Our Office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  You may mail Rent checks to 7473 W. Lake Mead Blvd Ste 100, Las Vegas NV 89128 or you may drop off Rent payment to our Office Suite direct or you may leave Rent payment in a sealed Envelope made out to Attentive Realty Ste 213 with the Receptionist on the 1st Floor. Our Office is closed on weekends and holidays. No drop off box is available.  Do NOT put Rent payment under the front doors of the 1st floor or the 2nd floor front entry doors.  These doors are not monitored.
  • Your Security Deposit is NOT considered your last month Rent payment. If you intent to vacate the home, you are required to provide Attentive Realty & Property Management with a 30 day written notice, before your lease expiration date. If you are not staying the required term of the lease you might be charged additional fees until the home is released resulting in re-letting charges for you.   Your Security Deposit will be used for any unpaid rent, fees or any damages you might leave behind.
  • Renters Insurance is required before Lease starts.  So we encourage you to have your Insurance Company email us a copy ASAP.  We hate the thought of you paying Rent and not being able to receive keys.  Once you are in a lease and renew your lease for any extend period of time, it is required to for you to upkeep the renters insurance as well. If you fail to keep coverage, a penalty fee of $275.00 will be added to your account, and might be grounds for termination of lease at any time.  We want to ensure that you and your belongings are always covered.
  • All utilities are your responsibility unless otherwise state in the lease.  All utilities must be put into your name before move in or at the lease start date, so you may not experience lack of service.   Upon move out a copy of the Final payment to Water, Sewer, Trash Utilities are required for you to turn in to us, so that we may get your security deposit back to you as quick as possible. If none provided an automatic $300.00 will be held in escrow and will become non-refundable after 35days of move out.
  • You will receive a Move in inspection sheet –that is due back to our office no later than 30 days of move in/or with your next month rent due payment.  This identical document will be used to do your move out. We will require a signature from you. Once our Office has reviewed the document we will sign acceptance and get a copy back to you. It is very important document for you, so please help us, help you to get the most if not all of your Security deposit back.
  • For any routine maintenance problems please go to web site at www.attentiverealty.com under Tenants. Log into your online account to submit a work order.  You can also find a PDF Document on our web page that you can submit via email to us.   All maintenance request service must be done in writing.  Please be as specific as you can be. If you experience an emergency please call our direct line during regular office hours or you assigned Property Managers Cell phone.   You will find your assigned Property Managers Cell Phone # in your lease. We will get the emergency started right of way. Failure to be present for your appointment with our Vendors will result in a NOW SHOW Fee from both the Vendor and Attentive Realty.
  • Notice of responsibly of the Home you are renting.  The home you are occupying is your home; therefore the responsibility of upkeep and maintenance is your responsibility- according to your guidelines on the lease. If you are absent from the home, it is important that you have someone to take care of the home in your absence that can take care of issues as they may arise.  If the Property Manager has to take care of any issues while you are absent the responsibility of any cost due, like hourly wages that we incur and any emergency cost that is associated with the repair will become your cost. IF we have to cover cost on your behalf, a 15% surcharge from Attentive Realty will apply to any cost paid on your behalf.
  • As a Tenant YOU are responsible for the changing/cleaning of your furnace/air conditioner filters.  Great damage can result in your failure to change/clean these filters. It is recommended that filters be changed every 30 days.  The lack of changing of these filters is very costly to you, as you may have to pay thousands of dollars to fix such a unit. So we urge you to change the filters every 30 days.
  • Smoke detectors are there for you and your families’ protection.  We ensure all smoke detectors are in working condition upon your move in. For your own peace of mind please check these on a regular basis. Even though a smoke detector likes AC filters are you’re responsibly, we have a few maintenance companies that we work with, that can assist you for a nominal fee.
  • HOA Rules and Regulations.  Most, if not all of our homes are located in a HOA govern community. You will be provided with a copy of the governing documents that you must abide by.  HOA’s are NOT considered to be your reminder service to upkeep your property. Attentive Realty allows for 1 violation per year at no charge to you. In case for a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th violation, Attentive Realty &Property Management charges a processing fee to your account. Please refer to your Lease for HOA Violation Fees per violation.   Each processing fee can be expensive. If we receive a 4th violation on your property it is grounds for termination of lease as well. Properties that are located in a NON HOA Property are held to the same high level of Property upkeep, so therefor if we sent you notice for problems with your property, the fees are the same as the fees for an HOA governed community.   Take Pride in your Home. We all share the same planet and living environment.
  • Landscaping maintenance of front, back, sides yards and in some cases common areas are your responsibility.  Please do not assume that something is not your responsibility – instead ask and we will find out – always better to ask the question than be charged a fee for Noncompliance.
  • In the event your property has a Landscaping and/or Pool Contractor assigned to your Property, a contact phone number and vendor name will be provided to you in your lease.  Don’t assume that vendors know everything that is happening on your property s be proactive, and of course communication is key to them as well. IF you see something please bring it to the attention of the contractor assigned to your Property. They in turn will inform us if we need to correct anything that requires authorization first.  If you have a Pool and a contractor for your property, you still have responsibly to upkeep for the time that the vendor is not there. Pool Contractors come out once a week, however bad weather can hit any day. Do NOT wait on Pool Contractor to clean up the mess in the Pool, for this can cause damage to the pump etc. IF that happens you might be charged with repair costs.
  • Missed Appointment Fees- If you have an appointment set with a Vendor and you are a NO SHOW for your Vendor- and automatic NO Show fee of at least $75.00 will be applied to your Rent. If the Vendor charges a higher Fee- your No Show Fee will increase. If we, Attentive Realty & Property Management have an appointment with you, and you are a NO SHOW the No Show fee will be a flat Fee of $75.00 1st No Show- 2nd No Show the Fee will be $150.00. We understand everyone’s time is valuable and we are no acceptation.  We hope we can count on you to never miss an appointment
  • Keys: Attentive Realty & Property Management will issue you keys at move in. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE DO NOT DO LOCK CHANGES. It is you’re responsibly to get the locks changed at move in.  Mailbox Keys will be issued if available, however mail is private and we urge you to go the post office with a copy of your lease to get the mailboxes rekeyed, This is for you privacy and mail protection.
  • You are required to keep us notified every time you change your contact phone numbers or email addresses so that we may always get important information out to you.
  • Shall you decide it is time move out for whatever reason a 30 day notice must be given. you can complete the move out request via our web page under www.attentiverelty.com   Tenant – easy directions, please also download and/or read the Move out checklist to ensure your refund of your deposits
  • Last but not least your favorite subject, when do I get my Security Deposit back. Our refund policy is in regulation of Nevada Law.  Attentive Realty and Property Management will process all payments and documents (30) thirty days from move out date- or turnover of keys to the Home. We will mail all related documents and check to the forwarding addresses provided to us by you. The move out check list is provided on the web page for you.  We will do everything to ensure a quick and easy return. As always communication is KEY to a smooth transaction.
  • I have read and understand the above information provided to me

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